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By Pui Pui, Dec 13 2016 04:09AM

Embroidered jackets with intricate and oriental details have been all the rage this year, thanks to Gucci's oustanding spring summer collection. Here at Luvmydress, we have wallet-friendly alternatives that look just as stylish and functional for the light fall and winter season.

With a boyish cropped fit, a range of refreshing colors, and Eastern-inspired prints, there's bound to be something that is right up your alley.



By Pui Pui, Dec 13 2016 03:26AM

At Luvmydress, we believe in standing out and making a fashion statement, all year round. This fall is no exception, as we bring back the classic, chunky cardigan silhouette in bold, striking prints and colors.

Look 1:

Ever since Dolce and Gabanna's 2011 Fall Winter collection, star prints have been associated with edge, fun and quirkiness. We love how our own oversized star print cardigan is a more laidback version, perfect for lounging around and making heads turn.

Look 2:

Nothing screams statement more than a bright, crimson coat. We love our tweed to keep us extra warm during the fall and winter nights, whilst being the star of the show in a sea of crowd. Make any monochromatic outfit instantly pop with a dash of color this season.



By Pui Pui, Dec 12 2016 10:00AM

Ushering fall in does not mean we have stash our pastel pieces away. Here at Luvmydress, we show how you can transition your favorite summer pieces into the colder season.

Look 1:

We paired our powder blue pom pom sweater with comfortable drawstring pants, an olive metallic bomber, and some high cut chelsea boots, for a fall-appropriate, utilitarian look. This look is functional, without compromising any style points, and is perfect for school days or just lounging around town with your girlfriends.

Look 2:

Instead of the casual cropped tops and breezy cardigans for summer, we dressed our tie-front paper bag pants in baby pink, with a fancy pearl embellished sweater and lace-up sandals. This look is the right balance of casual and dressy, making it perfect for dinner parties and get-togethers.

The holiday season is coming, so why not experiment with existing pieces that we love, and add in a playful dash of color this fall and winter?

Happy Holidays!

By Pui Pui, Dec 4 2015 04:25AM

Come and join us as we celebrate this year's holiday season with our communnity, neighbors and friends. A friendly and festive atmosphere offering exclusive deals, the first 100 guest to arrive on Saturday the 12th will receive a free burger from DeliciousCatering and even free gift wrapping from get.give's make-your-own gift wrap station.

Kids will be entertained with face painting and giving parents a chance to catch up on some last minute shopping all whilst sipping on teakha 茶。家's speciality tea and listening to live music. There will be a variety of products avaiable, from's fashionable womenswear clothing store featuring local emerging designers TWS & Esscentric, to get.give's vast range of thoughful gifting items. On top of that, Ga Gi Nang will be getting everyone into the Christmas cheer with mocktail, beer, wine and cocktail specials all weekend long.

When: 12 & 13 December, 2015. 12pm - 7pm

Where: Po Tuck Street (off Hill Road), Shek Tong Tsui, HK

MTR: HKU (exit b2)

By Pui Pui, Nov 27 2015 06:00AM

Hey everyone! I m Sofian, the new intern of Luvmydress. Recently, I just got back from Singapore to Hong Kong for my internship. Luckily, my BFF- Vivien also got her internship in other company in Hong Kong at the same time. She is my classmate and partner-in-crime.

Me & Vivien are same age and we like to know we talk about boys, relationships, school stuffs, shopping and Of course FASHION! We often hang out at the harbour near our internship offices during lunchbreak.

I'm kind of having a "love and hate relationship" with Vivien. Yay, I know we sounds like a couple. But I guess this is what a close friendship is about. It's similar like with your siblings, family or boyfriend. We laugh, we disagree, sometime we fight and then we cry...but in the end we are best friend... AGAIN! Haha~~~

By Sofian ( the best intern ever :-) )

Photos Credit: Photograph by Pui Pui, (my weirdo boss...joking...she is lovely :P)

Outfit Credit: LUVMYDRESS

Left: Viviven, Right: Sofian(Short Denim Jacket with Striped Skirt)
Left: Viviven, Right: Sofian(Short Denim Jacket with Striped Skirt)
 Vivien: Zip Hoodie Parka(Black) with Grey Knitted Skirt
Vivien: Zip Hoodie Parka(Black) with Grey Knitted Skirt
Sofian: Summer White Dress with Sleeveless Bleached Ripped Demin Jacket
Sofian: Summer White Dress with Sleeveless Bleached Ripped Demin Jacket
 Vivien: Beige Safari Jacket with Black Deep V Knitted Dress
Vivien: Beige Safari Jacket with Black Deep V Knitted Dress
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